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Tehran Textile Mikhak Company is determined to redefine the quality level of the domestic textile market, utilizing creativity, innovation, continuous promotion of the level of knowledge and leadership of staff under a systematic pattern.
Mikhak Company, through implementing a collective living model and removing the space between the producer and the consumer; without emphasizing the acquisition of wealth and a value-based approach and In line with the society, is in the idea of producing high-quality textiles and clothing witch is apt to families of producers and consumers.
Regarding the general and long-term targeting, Attention and focus is on the growth of the economic, social and cultural geographic features of the Qods city as the habitat and origin of the Mikhak industry group. Affecting the standard of living and well-being of the people of Qods city, as well as the entrepreneurship and Job creation of the second-generation of the large family of Mikhak, which are generally children and natives of the same city, are the goals of the development program of this group.
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