Ecological Commitments

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The standard per capita index of urban green space that has been set by the United Nations for each person is 25 square meters. Studies on the conventional capita of urban green spaces in Iran show a quantity of about 7 to 12 square meters. Considering that the responsibility of Landscaping to reach the standard point has been taken by the urban management and the general public; Tehran textile Mikhsk Company has also played a role in moving towards this global index by assigning a square to the green space.
In order to protect the environment and to comply with its environmental commitments, Mikhak Company has set up a mud gathering unit alongside the biological and chemical refinery that is being buried in the southern wells. At the moment, the monitoring of wastewater inlet and outlet of the refinery as well as sampling of chimneys are carried out on a regularly and randomly in cooperation with the engineering company approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.
Understanding of the country's water scarcity crisis and acceptance of its responsibilities to this problem, Mikhak Company has entered the study of water recirculation. The research project, which is tracking under the supervision of Dr. Armin Geroyan, the HSE expert of Mikhak; in the operational phase, the used water will be injected into the production network again, after the physical and chemical purification.
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