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The model of technical development of Tehran Mikhak textile Company during three decades of entrepreneurship and production in the textile industry of the country
The Tehran Mikhak textile Company started its activity in 1985 with two manual printing tables in the Vardavarld city of Tehran Province. With this equipment it was possible to print fabrics up to 150 centimeters wide. In the early years of the operation, the finishing of fabrics was deposited to other factories.
The Mikhak Factory was established in 1989 and by purchasing of two winch dyeing machines, Iran made, and a hydro-extractors centrifugal machine, achieve the mechanical and industrial dyeing experience. The first 2-ton steam boiler was set up in the Vardavarld Industrial Unit. In the same year, Pakistan manufacturing booty-jets dyeing was entered into the production line.
In 1990, a pressurized dyeing machine was purchased to dye fabrics such as polyester.
During these years, finishing stage was deposited to other industrial units.
In the year 1991, a contract was concluded for the construction of a stenter finishing machine inside the country, and in 1995, the machine was delivered to the factory.
In the year 1993, the current land of Mikhak Company was purchased  which is located in the industrial zone of the Qods city; and a hall with a total area of 500 meters was built utilizing printing, dyeing and finishing.
In 1995, Mikhak Industrial Group resumed its activities in the current geographic location of the factory. The two-ton steam boiler was replaced with a five-ton steam boiler.
In 1996, the Russia manufacturing jet machinery was purchased and the stenter finishing machine was entered from the experimental phase into the production phase.
In 1997, a 700-meter salon was constructed. In the same year, 
Operation Activity Card of Vardavarld was transmitted to Qods city.
In 1997, by developing of the dyeing, printing and finishing salon, production was continued in three parts. In October of this year, Tehran Textile Mikhak Company was opened in current situation.
In 1998, the industrial wastewater purification system was constructed in the southern part of the site.
In the year 2001 a double-decked salon was built. The area of each floor was about 1000 square meters. In the same year, the first floor was exploited.
In 2002, the second floor was entered the exploitation phase.
Since 2004, thanks to God, the first major development and changes were made in Tehran Mikhak Company.
In the same year, during a trip to Turkey, a roller printing machine, a wrinkled device, a close-side compactor, a hydro-extractors balloon and three overflow dying machines were purchased and introduced into the production cycle. Russian jets were replaced by modern models. Also, a second-hand automatic flat-screen printing machine, the Buser brand, manufactured in Switzerland, was purchased, fixed and launched. From the other equipment that were bought in 2004, we can pointed to a German bruckner six-houses stanter finishing machine. This was launched in 2005.
In 2005, all purchased devices in previous year entered the production phase; and the fabric production reached 3 tons per day. In July 2005, manual printing tables were withdrawn from the production cycle.
In 2006, a jet dyeing machine was added to the production line; the 5-ton steam boiler was replaced with a 7-ton steam boiler.
In 2008, all jet dyeing machines were replaced by up-to-date models, which resulted the optimal use of water and electricity; also increased production capacity.
In the year 2011, an Arioli Steamer machine, Italy manufacturing was added to the factory machinery collection.
In late 2012, the second five-ton steam boiler was replaced with a ten-ton steam boiler.
The second major shift and development of the Mikhak Factory happened in 2013, by the replacement of all jet devices, a continuous washing machine and the addition of two Indian Pacific Jigger dyeing machines owned by Harish. The changes led to the empowerment of dyed linen fabrics.
Tehran Textile Mikhak Company joined the SDT Economic Group by late 2013.
In the winter of 2014, an Alkan six-house stenter machine, manufactured in Turkey and a Stork rotary ten-color printing machine (2 meters wide), were purchased. Rotary machine was launched in winter 2015.
In year 2011, second section of the Mikhak Land was purchased next to the previous installations of factory.
In 2012, a building license with 4,000 meters infrastructure was obtained in two floors. The building was completed by 2015. The first floor was dedicated to the warehouse of fabric; on the second floor, a knitting line was set up.
In the case of manpower, it should be noted that the Tehran Mikhak Company began its activity with 16 people in 1985; currently, over 150 people are employed in this unit.
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